Friday, November 11, 2016

Perhaps 2017?

Electronic Paddle Wheels


Authorized in the 2012 session, attempts to modify the wagering/ticketing process have continued to be challenging.  Timely formal (ones in which votes are taken) legislative committee hearings have not been granted - even when the chairman, Representative Hoppe, of the committee of jurisdiction was a co-author of the legislation.  

While Allied Charities of Minnesota (ACM) have endorsed the proposed legislation they need to actually sponsor the effort for it to receive the backing needed for passage.  While ACM has sponsored electronic raffles and bingo legislation, they have not received push from any organizations to sponsor the modifications to wagering/ticketing required to make electronic wheels practical.  Thus, the old wheel related table games die out from use without ability to be replaced each year - soon there may be no more table games in Minnesota charitable gaming.  Why?  Because the tribes place modest pressure on legislators to keep bills from being heard.  Find HERE a link to more information on legislative history in Minnesota

North Dakota

In 2015 we attempted a bill that would have authorized electronic wheel tables (such as those elsewhere on this site).  The bill HB 1230, passed the Judiciary Committee in the House and fell flat on the floor of the House.  The prime speaker against the bill, Representative Klemin, is certainly not a proponent of gaming and I believe he didn't quite understand the system.  He also was against the system because it had not been authorized anywhere else in the country.  As though innovation is to be shunned in North Dakota.  We may try again if Charitable Gaming Association of North Dakota is onboard.  See more HERE.

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