Friday, August 9, 2019

North Dakota Passed 70 Operating Pig Wheels

By our count, last month North Dakota passed having 70 active and operating Pig Wheels.  I even saw a video of a $5,000 plus payout spin in the eastern part of the state when a wedding party, slightly lubricated, went nuts betting on one number that legitimately and surprisingly hit.  Pig Wheels just seem to slowly grow and have become perhaps the most popular paddle wheel based table game in the United States.  Bet on the pig named Joe ya-all.

Didn't Happen in Minnesota in 2019 Session

Tribal pressure on committee chairs along with an inclination not to pass any gaming related legislation once again stopped our effort to make already legal electronic wheels a functioning reality.  Reducing the use of paper in the game, paper used for a couple of minutes and then thrown away, is an environmental interest unshared by tribal gaming interests.  They apparently believe that their casinos would be threatened if charities reduced their use of paper tickets.  Same table game, same wheel ..... just far less paper, far less cost for organizations and far greater accountability.  While the legislature passed authorization for electronic wheels in 2012, organizations still must use a paper ticket with each and every wheel wager.  Bingo, pull tabs and even raffles have electronic applications......but wheels must remain mechanical.  Go figure?  And, too bad tribal casino management and lobbyist don't appear to embrace the spirit of their tribal sensitivities toward Gaia.