Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Pig Wheel Community

Can't resist calling this the hog lot. Anyway, if you have interesting stories and/or comments about operating or playing the Pig Wheel, please post them below as comments.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Pig Wheel™ - Holiday Inn - Fargo

Pig Wheel with well worn table lay-down waiting for play at the Holiday Inn in Fargo - 5/2007.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

How it is Played?

The Pig Wheel is played in over a dozen locations in North Dakota, the only state that it has ever been submitted to for approval. It was introduced in 1998. As can be seen on the wheel, it has 40 numbers and 5 pigs, two blue, two pink and one white.

In North Dakota, Players acquire "betting chips" from the wheel operator. Each player has a different colored betting chip in order to distinguish from other players bets. The "betting chips" are placed on the felt layout over the number, apha line bet, pig or the "odd" or "even" squares. You may also place them on lines between numbers and corners or intersections of four numbers. Unless a lower limit is posted by the licensed operator, no more than $20 per spin may be bet per player.

With the Pig Wheel, all major bets are 11.1% house advantage. By major bets, I mean any specific number, alpha-line bet, pig bets and odd and even. Non-alpha line bets of two or more numbers may vary; however, odds are always posted. Payouts are made with "winning chips" otherwise called "casino chips." The "casino chips" are those taken at the "21" tables as well. "Betting chips" are only transferred for "casino chips" at the wheel table.

The pigs are named after people who have had some involvement in gaming. Perhaps it is best to let you figure out who the little pigs are named after......?

Pig Wheel art and layout are copyrighted. Graphics can't be duplicated without permission.
© Copyright 1998, Gaming Studio, Inc., Fargo, North Dakota. All Rights Reserved.