Sunday, September 14, 2014

Electric Pig Wheel Network System Configuration

Electronic simulated wheels are already legal in Minnesota.  What we are seeking in Minnesota is an efficient and secure ticket system that could actually work.  With this system, we are still using a paper ticket; however, the player can use paper or a mobile app to plan their play - select their wagers.  Either way, their selections, amounts and quantity of spins needs to be scanned into the system and an official ticket is printed.  In Minnesota, we are also seeking the ability to use symbols instead of being required to always use numbers on the wheel.  If we can use symbols and numbers, our successful North Dakota wheel, Pig Wheel™, would come to Minnesota.  That is, if we can get ticket modifications.

In North Dakota we are seeking the use of electronic simulated wheels using the system above that would allow the game to be conducted without a dedicated table.  Thus, it could be operated at far lower cost in bars and taverns with lower traffic - rural areas.  This system defeats the human and environmental spinning bias that can sometimes, currently, effect the outcome.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flash 2014: Minnesota H.F. 2725 - Parlor Edition of Paddle Wheels Going Down Without a Hearing

Minnesota H.F. 2725 - 
 Went Down Without a Hearing

NOTE ON MINNESOTA:  At the 2011 annual Allied Charities of Minnesota Expo and general membership gathering Gaming Studio acquired a double size booth to display the potential for electronic simulated wheels using an on-demand ticket printing system that would electronically record all wagers and payouts at any site at any time in the state.  The process would be more secure, less expensive, greater accountability and regulatory oversight along with opening the game to more rural or lower traffic sites.  The Minnesota legislature did authorize “simulated” paddle wheels in 2012; however, such electronic simulated wheels must still use the very expensive ticket and table process.  At the 2012 Allied Charities of Minnesota annual membership gathering, the membership voted to make the changes in ticketing process one of their legislative priorities.  

We were gratified that the general membership of Allied Charities of Minnesota (ACM) voted in November of 2012 to make it a legislative priority to change the ticketing definitions allowing for the "Parlor-style" Tri-Wheel.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Electronic Pigs Coming to Minnesota?

If  H.F.2725 and S.F. 2612 introduced this month in Minnesota become law, you could see electronic Pig Wheels™ in Minnesota a few months after.  You can see more on the wheel game at: Parlor Pig Wheel™  What we need is a modification of the definition of paddle wheel to allow for a wheel with symbols.  Then, we need to be able to use one ticket for several wager selections rather than one ticket for each player selection.  In doing this, the paper is reduced by as much as 95% and the cost of paper handling is radically reduced.  Electronic wheels are already authorized, we just need to bring the cost effective efficiencies.

Imagine the above as an image on a 70"+ flat panel display somewhere in your favorite bar.  Your are able to mark up your choices of numbers, pigs, or odd/even on a slip of paper.  Then you determine how much you wish to bet per spin which determines the value of each selection you have made.  You determine how many spins you wish the selection to apply (up to 10 consecutive spins) and provide the money and slip, we call "Player Selection Form" to someone authorized to scan your choices in to produce an official recorded ticket.  Every four minutes or so, the wheel goes into a simulated spin.  You may scan your ticket to see if you have won -- if you aren't sure.  Now, we actually have some really cool features as displays of outcome and you get to see them --- if S.F. 2612 and H.F. 2725 pass in Minnesota.  This game is secure, efficient and easily regulated and audited.  It will be the easiest game among those operated by charities.  

The legislation does not effect the existing Tri-Wheel® operation.  And, yes, we could put the Tri-Wheel on this system; however, we believe you will agree that the Pig Wheel™ is going to be easier to play and, once you know the whole story, more fun.

The Pig Wheel™ is currently very popular as a table game in North Dakota.  We will seek to achieve legislative approval in North Dakota for this version in the next ND session - 2015.  More on that later.

Minnesota charities, please help get the legislative authorization for this style of handling tickets and using symbols in addition to numbers on a wheel.  Big game - minor changes. 

Coming Soon - Win History Displays

May 2014 product release.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Identify this photo

Does anyone know where this photo was taken and by whom?  Please write in comment area if you do.  Thanks -------  Joe  Ok, we discovered it to be Sports on Tap in Minot, ND  220 South Broadway (see list below).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Pig Wheel Site

We just published a new Pig Wheel site at  This site will be in addition to this blog.  Check it out.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Places to Play the Pig

North Dakota

Both the Pig Wheel™ and the Minnesota Tri-Wheel® are played in North Dakota.  The Tri-Wheel® is in the Fargo area.  There are more than 50 Pig Wheels in operation.  Unless noted, the bar has only the Pig Wheel®.  The Pig Wheel is distributed exclusively by Lien Games.  So we don't know where they are played and welcome your letting us know when you spot a bar missing or place that no longer plays it.

Some of the Locations
Call them for hours of operation


Blue Wolf Casino at Cactus Jacks Saloon inside West Acres Bowl, 3402 Interstate Blvd. S., Fargo,  701-232-2019.
Tri-Wheel and Pig Wheel 

The Bowler, 2630 South University, Fargo, 701-293-0200:
Tri-Wheel and Pig Wheel

Alibi Lounge, Located in The Vista Inn
1340 21st Avenue South  701-235-3141

JT Cigarro, 4554 7th Avenue South West 701-277-0711

Big Ds, 1515 42nd Street SW (West of West Acres) 247-4FUN

Doublewood Inn, 3333 13th Avenue South 701-235-3333

The Windbreak, 3150 39th St. S.  701-282-5507

Rooters Bar, 107 Broadway  701-235-4082

O'Kelly's, 3800 Main Ave.  701-277-1880

Holiday Inn, 3803 13th Avenue S., 701-282-2700

Grand Forks

Southgate Casino, 2525 S. Washington Street  701-775-6174

El Roco, 1730 13th Avenue N #2  701-772-6945

Playmaker's All American Lounge, at Canad Inn, 1000 South 42nd Street, 701-792-1955


Elbow Room, 115 S 5th St.  701-222-2140


Sevens Bar and Restaurant, 2315 N Broadway  701-852-4343
Sports on Tap, 220 South Broadway  701-837-8220


Vegas Motel, 2420 2nd Ave W.  701-572-2574

DK's Lounge & Casino, 2402 1st. Ave West